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  • Determine whether bankruptcy is your right next step
Maybe you purchased your home when real estate prices were on the rise and getting credit was easy.

Maybe you took out a second mortgage to pay off your credit card debt.

Maybe you've been trying to get a loan modification and you can't believe how inept the bank is.

Maybe the bank has locked you out of your own house and you've moved to a hotel or apartment.

We've done hundreds of consultations with clients like you.

You bring in boxes of letters and emails. You tell us your story of attempts to talk to "the bank".

You thought that "the bank" was on your side when you got the loan.

But the bank is not even a bank.

It's just a loan servicing company and they are in the foreclosure business.

And their primary goal is to foreclose on you!

Often, during your foreclosure process, any number of problems can occur. The bank may sell your servicing rights to another bank and you have to start all over. The bank may refuse to take your payments or stop action on your loan modification. The bank may drag their feet on modifying your loan.

If you try to take care of this yourself, the bank is likely to pull off any number of "tricks" or even violate the California Homeowner Bill of Rights Law.

Remember, these are huge, well-financed institutions that do not have your best interests at heart.

If your lender is making you feel defenseless, you need a legal advocate.

Advocate Legal has a proven track record of litigating and winning - our attorneys have helped over 500 clients. We will find the solution that is right for you.

Knowing Your Options

Advocate Legal wants to give our clients peace of mind from the overwhelming feeling of being indebted and the fear of losing their homes and having their families out on the streets.

Our foreclosure litigation attorneys are dedicated to providing relief by explaining your options, including:

  • Litigation, if there are lender violations such as breach of contract, fraud, negligence or statutory violations

  • Litigation or a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which may be a way to get a loan modification with a lower interest rate and/or principal reduction

  • Bankruptcy, which may be the right option if you simply need to reorganize your debt

  • A refinance, which may be the right solution if you have equity in your property; a short sale may be the right solution if you don't have equity

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